Frequently Asked Questions


What is TestBuddy?
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TestBuddy is a cloud-based note-taking and test management tool that helps teams have better conversations about their testing discoveries. Unlike other tools where you log artefacts or scenarios, in TestBuddy you log actual feedback both positive and constructive. TestBuddy helps teams deliver value.
What company is behind TestBuddy?
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TestBuddy Ltd., founded by Rajit Singh and Simon Tomes, owns and runs the TestBuddy service. Rajit has over 20 years of experience developing web applications and Simon is a software tester of 17 years and an active contributor to the global testing community. TestBuddy Ltd. is based in London.


How much does it cost to use TestBuddy?
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You can subscribe to TestBuddy for £7 (GBP) per month. We automatically bill your payment card every month. Before you subscribe you can use every TestBuddy feature for free for 14 days. We’ll message you a day before your trial finishes. If you'd like to discuss team pricing options, please contact us at
The price to use TestBuddy doesn't work for us right now. Do you offer discounts or different pricing options?
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Contact and we'll arrange a call to discuss pricing options with you.

Free trial & subscriptions

I used TestBuddy before you introduced the free 14-day trial, what’s going to happen to my account?
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As an original user of TestBuddy, you have an extended free trial. You can continue to use TestBuddy for free and we will notify you when this will change. Your trial will then last a further 30 days, after which you’ll have the choice of subscribing if you wish to continue using TestBuddy. Thank you so much for your continued support!
How much of my free trial is remaining?
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Log in at and select the profile icon at the top right of the screen where you’ll be able to see how long remains in your trial. If you wish to subscribe before your trial ends, head to
Do I lose my testing sessions when my trial finishes?
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No, we store your testing session data securely in line with our privacy policy. All your sessions will be available for use as soon as you subscribe.
I’m not ready to pay for TestBuddy, can you keep my account on hold?
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Absolutely, yes! Any testing session data is stored securely in line with our privacy policy until you’re able to subscribe, at which point we’ll reinstate your account.
Can I cancel my account anytime?
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Yes, email and we’ll organise that for you. You’ll continue to have access to TestBuddy until the end of your current subscription period. Visit our privacy policy for information on data retention.


What payment methods do you support?
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We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay if your browser supports them.
Can I set up a purchase order payment?
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Please contact or use the site or in-app messenger to discuss further payment options.


How secure is my data?
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All textual session notes are only accessible outside of TestBuddy by either the account holder or anyone who the session has been shared with. All on-site session data is strictly accessed through encrypted channels (specifically HTTPS/TLS). For further information about the security of all of the kinds of data stored please refer to our privacy policy.
How do I change my password?
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Head to, or if you’ve forgotten your password visit


Do you offer team accounts?
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Not yet. For now you can sign up for TestBuddy as an individual and take advantage of the share session by email feature or download PDF test report feature in order to work with the rest of your team. A number of our customers attach their PDF test reports to their Jira tickets.
Are there any limits to how many testing sessions I can create?
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Not at all. Please go ahead and create as many sessions as you like. Happy exploring!
If I share a testing session with someone else, do they need a TestBuddy account?
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They’ll need a TestBuddy account to view an on-site, read-only version of your testing session. If they don’t have an account we’ll automatically email them a link to create one. When viewing a shared session they can filter the view by labels and download a PDF report. If you wish to share your session without relying on someone creating an account, you can use the “download as PDF” button in order to share a PDF file.
Does TestBuddy integrate with Jira?
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Not at the moment. This is something we’re keen to implement. Let us know what edition of Jira you’re using via
How do I convince someone to read my testing notes?
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Testing notes can be very personal and something you might not feel comfortable sharing. We’ve noticed a huge difference when notes are shared, even when you think they might not be perfect. Consider booking a short amount of time with the recipient. Take them through your notes in the order you wrote them or call out the most important information first. Use your notes to start a collaborative conversation. We recommend labeling your notes to help the recipient spot things of interest quickly. You can download a PDF report using the button on the right hand sidebar of any TestBuddy testing session.

Feedback & Bugs

How do I submit a feature request or raise a bug?
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We’d love to hear from you! Email or use the in-app messenger.